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29 responses to Redemption


    I love this!


    Your messages are always timely, I was thinking about my mistakes this morning , and how they have made me who I am.


    Your post is exactly what I needed to hear at this very moment. I woke up hurting, thinking about my mistakes and how I have hurt one of the people who I love most. Thank you. God bless. :)


      We are human beings Sammii, we fail one another because we are all essentially rookies at life. But learning the difference between learning from your mistakes and carrying the guilt from your wrong doings will serve you well.


        Wow! Just more great words of wisdom. I will remember that. Thanks again! God bless you for helping a remorseful soul.


        I find that carrying the guilt from wrong doings keep me from repeating those mistakes. I’ve never learned to let go of the guilt.


    Great quote and true as well.


    Although that is a nice thing to hear, in some ways you are the mistakes you made. At least sometimes for me. The thing to realize is that it doesn’t have to remain you. For me, I’ve had to think about some of my mistakes (esp. repeated ones) and try to understand why I made those mistakes, and seek to do better and make whatever changes are necessary.


    We are not defined by the mistakes we have made, but the hope is that we may be shaped by them for the sake of wisdom and compassion. Pain is no longer a curse but can be repurposed as a blessing if we can use it to bless and serve others. We are not our mistakes, but it is the redemption of our lives even with those mistakes that brings great “street cred” to the table for ministering to others. The most beautiful power of sanctiification is that are very darkest brokenness can be reforged into powerful tools for ministry to help and bless others.


    People need this message all the time, thanks for putting it out there again. : )
    The song posted above doesn’t have to be religious if you don’t want it to be, but it definitely carries this same message, and met me in a place of uncertainty… for those who are still struggling, or who want some more assurance, I’d recommend giving it a listen. Peace.


    Thanks for this. Sometimes it’s hard to disassociate my mistakes from who I am. Love this blog!


    Thank God for that!!! and thank-you for the reminder :)


    Isn’t experience the name we give to our mistakes?


    … without them we wouldn’t get to be the people are.


    Thanks for the reminder.


    Thank you for checking out my blog. I see my experiences as life lessons. Some I learn easily, others take me a while.


    Congratulations with the release of your new book. Your faithfulness has paid off.


    Reblogged this on ThisIsMyLife and commented:
    even if they come back and try to hunt us remember you can learn from them


    Very true, but they do help shape our character and who we become. :D


    It;s interesting. I often make bad mistakes, but I don’t think any of my mistakes have been all bad. I’ve often been lucky and had the chance to learn my lesson. Often the things I see as big mistakes im others appear to them to count as great achievements (or at least not as mistakes).

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