Short stories now available on

July 6, 2013 — 39 Comments

Check out my two short stories available for download now at HERE

If you do not have a kindle you can install a kindle reader free so you can read kindle books on your Mac or PC.
Download the Kindle reader for Mac HERE or for PC HERE.
You can also install a kindle book reading app for your smart phone by downloading it for free from the app store.


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39 responses to Short stories now available on


    Have downloaded. Will pop a review up as soon as I’m done. Good Luck!


    Good luck! I’ll put it on my to read list.


    Hello, I have downloaded and will read! Thanks for sharing your talent!


    I just downloaded them to my phone!! Can’t wait to read! :)


    Thank you dear, You answered my question before I could ask hehe.. I would like to read your stories – and I don’t have a kindle – Do you have a deadline for these stories of you – for the reviews? – I can start very soon but I am on vacation right now so if you have a deadline for 2 days from today I might not be able to make it?… thanks and “break a leg” with Good wind and blessing


    I have downloaded and will post a review when I’m done.


    i will download asap! i hope you realize your dreams!


    all done- they look intriguing


    I’m actually about to get a Kindle & I’ve already written myself a note to do this first!


    I must have done something wrong. I put the Kindle on my PC but when I try to download the stories all I get are the first pages. They hope I enjoyed the preview but now I have to buy the “book.”


    Have downloaded both. I’d love to review them! Will, soon :)
    Thank you :)


    Done and done. I look forward to the book :)


    I have read both and I liked The Heart Of Life much more because I feel that it is more relatable and has a very good message. Both stories need some editing as far as typos and punctuation are concerned. You have a really good writing style. I’d love for you to be totally honest and open about everything you’ve gone through so I can understand your pain more fully.


    Downloaded both and have them on my iphone and started to read The Heart of Life, but then I stopped. It is good….it is what I need…it is what I will save for myself… for when the thoughts and pain come in the night…and sleep becomes a fleeting memory. I will save these words…so I can read them and know that someone else somewhere might be feeling what I am feeling. Much thanks and love.


    I read both those stories and loved them! Question, though: are you planning to publish your book in print? I’d really like to read it, but I don’t have a kindle.


      Hi there! Do you have a PC, smart phone or Mac computer? If so you can download free apps and kindle readers to your device to read kindle books. I have provided info and links in the post :-)


    I remember reading those two stories like I read them yesterday! I will leave a review ASAP! You got the book out sooner than I expected and I am proud of you, congratulations!


      The book I am working on getting up on amazon is not the novel on emotional abuse (That will take me all year to write I think) The book I have ‘ready’ is called The baby named Baby. Its the story of my early childhood. :-)
      Thank you SO much for your support :-)


    I’m in the UK and so it won’t let me do it from the website, which is a shame! Hope you do well at achieving your dream. I would love to write too.


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    There is sometimes a voice that still calls out in the wilderness. This is that voice.


    Hi there!! :D
    I nominated you for this. (don’t know how to send a direct message, hahaha)


    Best Wishes and Congratulations!


    Good luck! I have a Nook so can’t get it this time but will put it on my reading list! :D


    Get in touch and I’ll help with editing.


    I will be downloading once I have finished and would love to write a review :D


    Downloaded. Can’t wait to read!


    Way to go girl!! That’s awesome. Congrats and keep going :D


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    :: worth your reading time! ::


    Congratulations on publication of your short stories!! I am looking forward to reading them.


    Just purchased “The Heart of LIfe is Good.” I’m at work and while it’s tempting to read now, I’ll wait til later – I really like your writing and want to support you as an independent artist. (I know the challenge of selling a book meself!) – Cheers, Moskowitz

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