Gym sex

July 8, 2013 — 98 Comments
So this is what happened:
I’m in the gym right? And this exceptionally cute guy walks in.
He works out, I work out, no worries there.
But then I go upstairs to the empty mezzanine and start doing those squats against the wall with one of those big, blow-up stability balls.
So i’m squatting away alone in the room and getting pretty tired so I start gasping for air and kind of crying out a bit.
Next thing, cute gym guy comes up the stairs and pulls out a mat and starts doing some very intense crunches and after a minute he starts gasping for air and crying out too.
So there we are, me gasping for air and crying out and him gasping for air and crying out, and we just go at it, gasping for air and crying out together until our eyes meet through the mirror and we both stop dead in our tracks.
He knows it and I know it: We just had gym sex.

I drop the ball, grab my towel, run down the stairs and out of the gym.
I didn’t even catch his name…

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98 responses to Gym sex


    Similar thing happened to me except it was more of a gym rape as this huge guy lifted more weights than three of me could and made weird noises and I got scared and got my stuff and ran out dropping a shoe in the process. Pretty much like my regular sex life used to be until I gave it up until I get some more money.


    Glad you liked “nose knows.” Thanks. Hope other quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Best to you, your blog, and your future gym sex.


    I had to laugh out loud at this one. Sheesh…looks like someone is ready for these 1000 days to be over.


    This post is hilarious, I thought I can see an erotic one but while reading I’m also hoping I won’t and thinking this must have a twist and – taaadaaa! Made my day :)


    Laughed out loud at this! wonderful!


    Would make a great tv commercial.

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