Vanessa’s riddle

September 10, 2013 — 31 Comments

Little helmets arch toward
Keen to keep the moving forward
Bellies pressing, pressing more
Unto the restless splintered floor
A hundred, thousand, million strides
A million more, wont see us tired
Splinter, bruise and callous healed
Faithful, tiny battle shields

What am I?

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31 responses to Vanessa’s riddle




    At first I thought of baby sea turtles but then I read “splintered floor” so I thought of spiders or rolly polly bugs but they are not driven to a specific place so right now I have no clue….but I am still thinking


    Toes? Marching on their bellies for millions of strides, with shields on their back?


    ants or roaches.


    Too easy!


    I enjoyed reading all this. Let’s try it again sometime.


    Nature vs technology. Nothing like the real thing. have a wonderful day.


    too much fun..thanks for sharing


    Darn. I was going to say condoms. I need mind Mentos.

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