Chase the moon

December 18, 2013 — 16 Comments


Like a moth who’s lost the moon
You circle a lamp within a room
Believing your shot at life misfired
Because you’re flying with the uninspired
You’re flying with thoughts that go too deep
And it’s hard to dream on broken sleep
Oh how I wish you wouldn’t presume
That it’s too late to chase the moon…

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16 responses to Chase the moon


    good good


    I love this! Beautifully written! I’m a Cancer with a Cancer rising so it ‘so feels right!’. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem :) Namaste


    Love it! Never too late…! I hope. Thanks for the inspiring poem…and thanks for visiting….I really appreciate it. Gonna read more of your stuff…

    livingwithmuchness December 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    This goes straight to one of my deepest fears that whispers “you had your chance.”

    Very, very moving.


    Hello stranger, your last couple of posts appeared to have upset word press and weren’t available. Good to see you back, nice piece.


    super. crisply, beautifully written, and speaks to our deepest fears of disappointments and lives half-lived. Great work.


    surprisingly, yesterday evening I came home and I caught a mot by surprise in the dining hall. It started flying and scoping the place, fluttering against the lamp on the ceiling. I shut the light and on it went into the hall, towards the next light, … I shot that light too, and up it went, to the first floor into another room … and today I read your little poem. Thank you!


    We all share the moon so why not gather our friends and chase it together :-)


    You Are Night Sky.


    Well done….very nice expression….


    Beautiful poem, keep chasing that moon.

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